How I made a very strong man fall down on his face at the gym.

Today, I caused a very strong man to fall down on his face at the gym.

How did I manage this?

Let me tell you the story.

It’s noon on a beautiful day in Charlotte, NC. The sun is shining, it’s 73 glorious degrees outside, and I realize if we jump in the car RIGHT NOW, childcare at the Y will still be open long enough to squeeze in a quick run.

I throw on my visor and sunglasses (because you know I’m already dressed in my mom-uniform-workout-clothes), usher the kids in the car, and we’re off.

I check in the kids and enjoy a beautiful run outside on the track. Afterward, I still have a few minutes before I need to pick them up, so I go into the fitness room to knock out some sit-ups and pushups.

I pick a spot on the floor for said exercises and notice the man next to me has a very intriguing setup. He has two gigantic dumbbells set on end on either side of him and a mat laying in front. I watch in wonder, crunching away, as he places his palms on the flat tops of the dumbbells and raises himself to a seated hovering position. He proceeds to tuck his legs & slowly swing them to the back, partially extending them out behind him. All while hovering.

I lose count of my crunches at this point because, FREAKING AWESOME.

He lowers himself back to the floor and continues to repeat this cycle.

I finish crunching and move into pushup position.

Now, let me stop here to ask you something. Have you ever done a pushup while wearing a visor? Just wondering.

I start in a high plank and drop into a full pushup. The rim of my visor collides violently with the floor, my head snaps back, and I release an involuntary yelp.

Next to me, Strong Man laughs, mid-hover, loses all strength, and falls on his face.

It was all as dramatic and embarrassing as it sounds. For the record, I removed my visor, and still completed two sets of pushups. Strong Man went back to his hovering. And we both pretended the incident never happened.

The end.

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