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Ordinary Monday

Easter weekend felt so powerful – the kind of powerful that makes you think you’ll wake up feeling different the next day. But can I be honest? So far, today really feels like Just Another Monday. Disappointed, I prayed about it this morning, and God reminded me of some thoughts I typed into my phone over the weekend. During a moment of awe and wonder at the miracle of the Cross and the Resurrection, my heart had overflowed:

He loves me. And I am loved.
He sees me. And I am seen.
He hears me. And I am heard.
He knows me. And I am known.
He finds me. And I am found.
He chooses me. And I am chosen.
He redeems me. And I am redeemed.
He is risen. And so I rise.
Love wins. And LOVE. HAS. WON.

Today, on this seemingly ordinary Monday, I’m reminding myself that some things are true whether I feel them or not. My God has conquered death. He’s as risen on Monday as He was on Sunday. Jesus, help me live like I believe it!