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Free Printable! (of a quote I didn’t like) (at first)

There is no perfect mother.

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When I first read this quote, I didn’t like it.

Sure there are a million ways to be *JUST* a good mom. But shouldn’t I strive for better than that? Shouldn’t I at least try for something closer to perfect than JUST GOOD?

But what’s so bad about good?

I know, I know. The greatest enemy of best is good. Or something like that.

But when I only find “perfect” acceptable… Well, let’s be honest. When that’s the case, I usually don’t even try. Case in point: my daughter’s birthday. She turned five yesterday. And I had decided we weren’t going to have a party this year.

Here’s the deal: I don’t think it really matters if you have a party for your kid or not – but my motivation in this decision never felt quite right. My public reason was that she doesn’t HAVE to have a party every year, and it would be good for her to learn that early on. Teachable moments, right?

The real reason was that it felt like too much work and if I couldn’t do it “right,” then I wouldn’t do it at all.

Long story short, the sweet girl asked if she could have a few friends over to celebrate. And we did. We had five little girls over to eat pizza and watch Frozen. No decorations. No crafts. Literally just Domino’s pizza, Frozen, and a cake from the grocery store.

And my daughter was in heaven.

(The other little girls were too, by the looks of the video.)

It wasn’t perfect. But it was GOOD.

Please hear me: going above and beyond is NOT WRONG. Whether it’s birthday parties or keeping house or WHATEVER IT IS. Do what you do, and do it well, and do it with love.

But for the love, beware of the perfection trap. (Preaching to myself here.) If less-than-PERFECT (or Pinterest-worthy or Mom-of-the-Year or fill-in-the-perfection-blank) is considered failure, then it’s time to regroup.

I want to be a GOOD MOM. And thank You, Jesus, there truly are a million ways to be that.

Looking for more encouragement on this topic? It turns out I’m not alone with these thoughts – and neither are you! I just found this timely post from one of my new favorite writers, Bronwyn Lea: “Never mind good vs evil, the real battle is good vs best.” I think you’ll be glad you found her too.

Why I stopped doing things for Jesus. (And you should too.)

stopdoingthingsforJesusI’m not doing things for Jesus anymore.

And I don’t think you should either.

Before you shout “heresy,” let me ask you a question: do you have a song that is “that song” for you? Like, when it comes on, you’re compelled to stop whatever you’re doing and just let the song wash over you? Oceans (Where Feet May Fail), by Hillsong United, is that song for me.


Click image to download free printable version!

My heart longs for borderless trust, a “water-walking” life, deeper faith. I hear or read those words and I imagine doing brave, important things. Reaching people. Helping people. Overcoming my fear and selfishness, and doing something great for Jesus.

But this morning it was like Jesus took that song and whisper-yelled at me:

“…my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.”

Not by being brave. Not even by helping others.

My faith is not made stronger by doing things for Jesus.

My faith is made stronger by doing things WITH Jesus.

Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water because JESUS WAS OUT THERE. Peter didn’t walk on the water FOR Jesus. He walked on the water TO Jesus; WITH Jesus.

So, let’s stop doing things for Jesus. Let’s turn our hearts toward Him and live our lives with Him – and surely our faith will grow.

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail), by Hillsong United

Throwback Thursday: Scissornado

My kids just about sent me to crazyland tonight. So, for Throwback Thursday, I decided to remember it could be worse. In fact, it HAS been worse. Like the day they chopped each other’s hair off.

Ah, yes. Gather ’round and let’s re-live it together.

(Originally published December 10, 2013.)


It’s 3:00 pm. Rest time is over, and I look up as my children casually bound down the stairs to join me in the living room. I notice Molly is still wearing the purple headband she had on earlier, but now her hair appears to also be in a ponytail – which I find curious, as she isn’t able to do this without my help.

“Molly, where’s your hair?” I laugh.

Cue “deer-in-headlights” looks on both children’s faces. Not a good sign.

Sitting bolt upright on the couch (not laughing now): “Molly. Where. Is. Your. Hair.”

Bulldozed by reality, I enter an out-of-body state. Body paralyzed, my mind helpfully narrates, “This is the moment. This is the moment when your children cut each other’s hair. This is happening.”

Then, “Holy $#!%, I need to get this on video.”

Behind the camera, I barely control a unique combination of belly laughter and gut-wrenching sobs as I continue to drill my children in disbelief.

It becomes painfully evident that while my son has only a chunk cut from the front of his hair…



… my daughter’s hair has been obliterated:



(by these little WMD’s.) (Which have been banned indefinitely.)


We have a stern little (big) chat about the danger of their actions (hello, miraculously uninjured ears, fingertips, EYEBALLS) and then proceed to the children’s salon to shape up Molly’s new pixie cut.

I require each child to pony up money toward the cost of the fix. $5 from Owen for cutting his sister’s hair; $5 from Molly for letting him. (It had taken them approximately 4 years to save the money – and it had taken Molly 4 years to grow her hair to her shoulders. Sounds about fair to me.)

Owen doesn’t get a professional fix. (Daddy’s clippers have been dying to get a hold of his luscious locks for quite awhile already. Pictures will follow as soon as I get Daddy to bite the bullet and shave the boy’s head.)

It’s been a week, we’re all still alive, and I’m starting to recognize my daughter again… Allow me  to introduce the sweetest little pixie I ever did see: