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Keeping Up With the Crazies

coffeeIt’s three in the afternoon and I just got home. I’m sitting in my van, in my driveway, with the A/C running and two children sleeping in the back seat. I would’ve been home twenty minutes ago, but as I approached our street, I noticed both children had fallen asleep. Naturally, I proceeded to pass our street and drive ten more minutes to NOT the nearest Starbucks, but the nearest Starbucks WITH A DRIVE-THRU.  (Can I get an amen, mamas?) There, I got myself a cup of awesome, drove back home s l o w l y , and am now sitting in the driveway while the little angels continue to sleep. Quietly.

Here’s the dilemma. I have to pee. (Shocker.) Do I risk opening my door to run inside real quick? I know what you’re thinking, but people, just because I’m willing to pee in a bush, and have been known to occasionally pee my pants, I do draw the line at peeing in my car. I’m not a complete animal.

Oh, the agony.

Update: my bladder made the decision for me. No I didn’t pee in the car. I exited the vehicle LIKE A NINJA, but by the time I returned, one child had woken up. That child woke up the other, and just like that, Peace and Quiet Time was dead murdered obliterated over. At least I am now fully caffeinated and have a fighting chance at keeping up with these CRAZIES.

An eclectic performance of Let it Go. (Alternate Title: what I hear all. day. long.)

This is possibly the most eclectic version of “Let it Go” from Frozen that I’ve heard yet. You’ll hear stylings reminiscent of Broadway, heavy metal, and even a touch of low-country twang. I hope you can appreciate the musical variations as much as I have during nearly every waking hour of the past few months. Cheers!


Owen just busted out with the chorus of Pharrell’s “Happy” and totally cracked me up. I decided to pull the video up on YouTube and was not disappointed. (Yes, I know I’m the last person on the planet to see the video. Don’t hate.) Just try to watch this without smiling.

Also, I want to steal the kid at 1:32. And be the girl at 3:21.