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Sometimes love means getting pee splashed on your ankles.

This week, as I’ve tried to focus each day on living out what I know of LOVE –¬†it hasn’t been very extravagant. It hasn’t been grand gestures and dramatic displays.

Instead, love has looked like…

…holding Molly in the supermom sumo squat position so she could¬†pee outside without getting it all over herself. (We won’t discuss MY¬†ankles getting splashed.) Even though I asked her BEFORE we left the house if she had to pee. And she insisted, no she did NOT have to pee. And then as soon as we were decidedly out¬†of toilet range, she declared she did, in fact, have to pee “weally, weally bad.”


(Yes, this is a photo of Molly and me, mid-supermom-sumo-squat. No, it is not from this week. Yes, it happens often enough that I had a photo of a completely separate occasion.)




…taking the extra time to tend to¬†a sad kiddo at bedtime (Daddy had to go out of town on a business trip). Getting one of Daddy’s t-shirts for sad kiddo to snuggle with in bed. Finding one of Daddy’s DIRTY t-shirts because the CLEAN shirt didn’t smell enough like Daddy. Ew.

…playing Battleship with my children. I enjoy¬†playing Battleship. I do NOT enjoy playing battleship with my children. Judge me if you must. (“Owen, it’s your turn.” “No, Molly, you can’t just use a red one because you think it’s prettier.” “OWEN. It’s your turn.” “Molly. Use¬†WHITE for a miss.” “OWEN. IT IS YOUR TURN.”)

Love has ALSO¬†looked like…

…insisting my kids have a rest time this afternoon. I needed the rest. So did they.

…saying no to an invitation to take my kids out last night.¬†The day had felt full, and I sensed the need for some down time¬†in the evening. (This choice ended up providing the¬†extra room for the aforementioned snuggle/t-shirt time.)

…saying no to a third game of Battleship. This was in the best interest of all parties involved.

I’m noticing – for me – love is looking like a lot of little things. Sometimes it’s a yes. Sometimes it’s a no. Sometimes it’s quiet. Sometimes it’s wild. Sometimes it’s obvious. Sometimes it’s subtle. Sometimes it’s for me. Sometimes it’s for them.

Mostly I’m noticing I could use a lot of practice. At choosing the loving thing. And definitely¬†at spreading my feet farther apart when I help my daughter pee outside.