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Word Crush Wednesday: Gently (+ free printable)

I’m not sure what your week has felt like so far. But I have a little treasure for you. I found it the other morning as my day rounded the corner from “laugh or you’ll cry” to “no just go ahead and cry.”


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Mamas, we are the ones that have young, aren’t we? Did you catch that? HE GENTLY LEADS US.

He is gently leading me.

When the days are long and the nights are longer, He gently leads you. When you want to tear your hair out (or theirs), He gently leads you. When you feel inadequate, He gently leads you. When you just want to NOT BE TOUCHED for FIVE BLESSED MINUTES, He gently leads you. When your heart is weary, He gently leads you.

What a Shepherd. What a Father. What a Savior. What a God.

A Dose of Hope for the Weary

The end of the first week of school draws near, and Owen is sent to his room. Again. (For hitting his sister.) (Again.)

I open his bedroom door, compelled to scoop him up into my lap. He struggles at first, but I hold tight and whisper in his ear.

As I speak, he relaxes into my embrace, and I realize these words are perhaps what he’s been fighting for all along:

“I am SO PROUD of you, son. What a big week you’ve had. You are SO BRAVE. I know there’s so much to learn and figure out. And I know you’re feeling kind of tired. But you’re doing a REALLY GREAT JOB. And I’m SO VERY PROUD OF YOU.”

Tough exterior dissolved, he hugs me back and nestles his face into my neck. No words are needed. I can feel it emanating from him: That’s all I needed to hear. And I didn’t even know it.

Beyond any doubt, I know it’s God’s gracious love spilling forth as I express love to my son – because trust me, my NATURAL response to Owen’s feisty behavior is NOT a tender embrace.

And His love continues spilling over even now. For YOU.


hopeforthewearyDid you send your kids to school this week? Or are you with them right now, homeschooling? Or did you kiss them goodbye at daycare? Or are you home with littles too little for school at all?

To each of you, hear this – from me, but ultimately from Him:

I am SO PROUD of you.

You are SO BRAVE.

I know there’s so much to learn and figure out.

And I know you’re feeling kind of tired.

But you’re doing a REALLY GREAT JOB.


“May the Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.”
2 Thessalonians 2:16,17

Room at the table.

“Am I broken as a mother if I’m not sad about my kids going to school? They’re about to start preschool and I’m not crying. My heart doesn’t hurt. It does NOT seem like just yesterday they were born. It seems like 3.5 and 2 VERY LONG, HARD YEARS AGO.”

“The more I read blogs & Facebook posts from everyone out there, the more I feel like I am THE ONLY ONE who is thinking ‘finally!!’ instead of ‘already??’ about my kids growing up.”

“It feels like everyone else has all this mushy, heart-wrenching, gut-stabbing love for their kids, and I’m like they’re great and all, wouldn’t want to lose them, but this motherhood thing has primarily sucked from the get-go with the occasional bright spot.”

“If ONE MORE PERSON tells me to savor every moment, I am GOING. TO. VOMIT.”

This is just a sample of comments I’ve heard in the past week. And I know these moms are not alone in how they feel (or don’t feel).

Can you relate?

I hope you already know this, but in case you’re not sure: crying about sending your kids to school doesn’t make you a good mom.

Showing up day after day and BEING THEIR MOM makes you a good mom.

More than a handful of times last week, my tent was pitched firmly in the “GET THESE KIDS OUT OF HERE” camp. Y’all, I am not the mom who says “savor every moment.” Please. Not every moment of motherhood is… well… savory?

But because of that, when I DO have a moment like I did last week, where I FEEL the full & fierce weight of a mother’s love, it’s a sacred moment to me. It’s because I DON’T feel that way all the time that I want to capture it when I DO.  That’s why I wrote last week’s post.

Praise God, love is MORE THAN A FEELING. Right? We know this. Love is a choice. Love is action. Love is showing up. And praise God, some things are TRUE whether we FEEL them or not.

So it is with God’s love for us. And so it is with our love for our children.

You have all the freedom in the world to feel exactly the way you feel.

Maybe it’s been a rough day or week or 3.5 YEARS. And so you FEEL like you wish your kids would grow up, get out, and give you some ever-loving peace.

This does not mean you are heartless and cold. This does not mean you don’t love your kids well. This does not mean the teary-eyed mom is a better, more “motherly” mother than you.

But let’s not forget the teary-eyed mom. Maybe THAT’S you. And you feel like you’re weak and emotional and wonder if you’re too attached to your kids. Or you wonder if that’s what other moms think of you.

Life can be hard, and motherhood can be downright brutal. But regardless of the emotion you feel (or don’t feel), the FACT remains:

You love your child. Do you want to vomit if one.more.person tells you to savor every moment? Or did you cry the ugly cry over your kid starting school? News flash - there is room at the table for all of us. And it’s time to cheer each other on as we keep showing up. A must-read for moms of all kinds.

You would die for that child.

You are a mother.

Keep showing up. Love those kids the best you know how.

And, back to the question: Are you broken as a mother?



We’re ALL broken moms, aren’t we? And isn’t that okay?


Can we please cheer for each other as we keep showing up?

There is room at the table for all of us.