Top Five Reunion Moments (you won’t believe #2)

Rural Ohio. Family reunion. Five days.

So much laughter. Quality time. Food.

So little wi-fi and cell service.

We’ve safely returned to the Queen City of the south, which means it’s time for me to spend seven straight hours catching up on Facebook the Top Five Uher Family Reunion Moments. (If you’re doing the math, “Uher Family Reunion” means it was MATT’S family reunion. AKA my in-laws.)

But you should know, they do not refer to us as in-laws. We are the  OUTLAWS.

(And we seek to live up to this title in every way possible.)

(Thus, I am blogging freely about said reunion.)

Let us commence.

No. 5: Owen is the Fish Whisperer. And Molly is crazy.
Owen has found his gift, you guys. The fish were practically jumping into his arms for a snuggle. As he told me eleventy billion times, he caught “one bass and four blue gills.”


Even Molly caught her first fish! We were releasing all the fish, but I killed Molly’s while trying to remove it from the hook. So Great Grandpa took it home to fry up for dinner. He and Matt were cleaning it out back and Matt held up the skin to show Molly. I thought she would dry heave cringe, like me. Instead she looked at it intently & said, “I want to see the blood.”

I find so much about this disturbing.

No. 4: Bingo. bingo
Somehow I’ve never played this in a legit group setting. You guys. I won pan scrapers. (Yes. Plural.) And emory boards. (Again. Plural.) And a cooler.

What a rush. I am not being even a little bit sarcastic. It was amazing. (The gambling addiction hotline may or may not be on my speed dial.)


No. 3: Zip Line Safari at the Wilds.
I love this kind of stuff. You could say Matt was a wee bit terrified. (He barely ate dinner.) (And made a few extra trips to the bathroom.) The man just doesn’t like heights.

mezipSo, naturally, we decided to do the Sunset Zip Line Safari Tour. Up high in the air. Above wild animals. And an occasional body of water.

But he agreed to go with me. IN THE NAME OF LOVE. (I hit the jackpot with this one, ladies.)

As you can see, he warmed up to it all by the end. (And admitted it was worth two extra trips to the bathroom.)


No. 2: My kids channeled Napoleon Dynamite.owentie
I’m washing dishes. I can hear Great Grandpa’s electric keyboard on auto-play in the living room.
Matt calls to me. “Babe. You have to see this. It’s like Napoleon Dynamite out here.”

I turn off the water and exit the wood-paneled kitchen into the living room. I see Owen playing along on the keyboard. The synthesizer version of “Killing Me Softly” fills the room.

Meanwhile, Molly greets me with a “drink.” She’s having a tea party. Her tea set? A tray with matching plastic pitcher and full set of plastic margarita glasses.

“What are we drinking, Molly?” She meets my eyes with a mischievous gaze and surprisingly creepy voice: “SODA.”

We keep it classy here, y’all.

No. 1: When a man loves a woman.
We’ve all heard love stories about couples who’ve been married for decades, but whose health has declined with age. She suffers from Alzheimer’s. She’s not exactly the woman he married anymore.

But he loves her. And she, him.

He loves her not just in words, but in the way he cares for her. Lovingly. Patiently. The best he knows how.

She loves him as she leans on him. Physically, but not just that. With her whole life, she leans on him. Trusting his strength to carry her.


It was a privilege to see it with my own eyes.

Absolutely, a weekend to remember!

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