Happy Crafty Birthday

Today is my mom’s birthday. She’s awesome.


Because she’s awesome, I decided to personally hand-craft her birthday gift. (If you know me, you know I’m SUPER crafty.) (That’s a lie.) So, despite being NOT CRAFTY AT ALL, I have actually taken up cross-stitching. (Not a lie. Not a joke. Cross-stitching can be cool. So shut it.) I don’t know why, but I LOVE IT. It’s basically art for the OCD, Type A artist.


A few months ago I started on my first project, and it was cuter (is that a word?) than I had expected. It’s just our last initial with a chevron background. When it came time to pick out Mom’s birthday gift, I decided to make one with her initial.

I was really pleased with how it turned out, and I set hers next to mine so I could snap a picture of my first two cross-stitch projects. You know, just trying to make my super-crafty mama proud.

Somehow I didn’t notice the unfortunate placement until after taking the picture. Not exactly the sentiment I was going for…


Happy Birthday, Mom!

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