Keeping Up With the Crazies

coffeeIt’s three in the afternoon and I just got home. I’m sitting in my van, in my driveway, with the A/C running and two children sleeping in the back seat. I would’ve been home twenty minutes ago, but as I approached our street, I noticed both children had fallen asleep. Naturally, I proceeded to pass our street and drive ten more minutes to NOT the nearest Starbucks, but the nearest Starbucks WITH A DRIVE-THRU.  (Can I get an amen, mamas?) There, I got myself a cup of awesome, drove back home s l o w l y , and am now sitting in the driveway while the little angels continue to sleep. Quietly.

Here’s the dilemma. I have to pee. (Shocker.) Do I risk opening my door to run inside real quick? I know what you’re thinking, but people, just because I’m willing to pee in a bush, and have been known to occasionally pee my pants, I do draw the line at peeing in my car. I’m not a complete animal.

Oh, the agony.

Update: my bladder made the decision for me. No I didn’t pee in the car. I exited the vehicle LIKE A NINJA, but by the time I returned, one child had woken up. That child woke up the other, and just like that, Peace and Quiet Time was dead murdered obliterated over. At least I am now fully caffeinated and have a fighting chance at keeping up with these CRAZIES.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Crazies

  1. Libba Armenta

    Girl, I totally pee in my car. I’ll lower that bar for ya, if you’ll let me! xo, Libba


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