Lent for the rest of us.

Lent: the 40-day journey leading up to Easter… A time to prepare our hearts for Jesus… all He is and all He’s done…

Suffice it to say, I’m feeling a wee bit overwhelmed by this.

How do I prepare my heart for the Cross!? The Resurrection!?! How do I begin to digest the magnitude of that!? In my own heart… let alone in my children! There are so many devotionals and resources out there – where do I even begin!? I am not prepared to prepare! I’M A  FAILURRRRE!!!!!

(Downward spiral much?)

And then my eyes landed on our copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible. I quickly opened it and flipped to the chapter about the Easter story – the Resurrection. Guess what chapter it is?



the Jesus Storybook Bible

So, our family will be starting today with the first chapter of our Jesus Storybook Bible and will read one chapter a day for the next 40 days, ending on Easter Sunday with chapter 40: “God’s Wonderful Surprise.” (Yes, we will most certainly miss a day here and there, but yes we will do our best to stay caught up overall so we can land on the Resurrection on Easter.)

“But Lent is about Jesus. Why would you start all the way back at the beginning of the Bible?”

I’m so glad you asked!

Did you know that the entire Bible points to Jesus? All the way back to the beginning. As the tagline says on the Jesus Storybook Bible: “Every story whispers His name.” Where better to start than the beginning!?

If you don’t already have a copy, grab one this week and catch up over the weekend. If you don’t have kids to read to, then just read it for you. I think you’ll be glad you did.

What do you think? Will you join me?

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