Go jump in a lake.

I turned 35 yesterday. Yes, the big three-five. I’m living the dream, people. Living. the. dream.

In honor of my birthday, I decided to share with you the video that made me laugh the hardest during this past year. Here’s some context: back in December, we spent the weekend after Thanksgiving in the mountains at a house on Lake James. We were there with some friends, and my husband may have lost a bet regarding the outcome of the Michigan / Ohio State game. Naturally, the consequence was that he would jump into Lake James. Also naturally, our friend Dustin decided he’d suffer the consequence with him.

Because jumping in an ice-cold lake is more fun when you do it with a buddy, of course.

I apologize for the screaming and laughter and maniacal outbursts of high-pitched scream-laughter.

Did I mention it was the first weekend in December? In the mountains?

Click here to open the video in YouTube.

You’re welcome.


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