Earrings & Biscuits & Cross-stitch, oh my!

The past few days have brought something new for all of us!

First, Molly got her ears pierced! She was so brave. I prepped her the best I knew how, but still wondered if she’d panic and bail out before the blessed Claire’s ear-piercing-tag-team could touch her. She was fantastic, though, and in her words, “I didn’t even cry, Mommy!”

Molly earrings

Owen’s new thing is a newfound love for all things Olympics and USA. Seriously, y’all, I wish I had a video of him cheering for the US hockey team. Or the snowboarders. Or the bobsledders. Or the speed skaters. He has also mastered the art of the DVR rewind so he can replay any exciting moment for anyone in the house who may have missed it. If you’re looking for an enthusiastic place for your Olympics-viewing, our living room is the place. to. be.

Matt’s new thing also falls into the “newfound love” category. My parents were in town & told us we should go out on a date last night. While driving home from work, Red Lobster caught his eye. Naturally, he thought, “Hm. I’ve never been there before. That’s where we should go for dinner tonight.” I hadn’t been there in over a decade, but you know I hadn’t forgotten those cheesy biscuits. So to Red Lobster we went. And Matt’s life has been forever changed.

Now, onto my new thing. I have a new addiction. I may lose some of you here, but that’s okay. I’m well on a journey of being okay with myself, comfortable in my own skin, exploring my creativity, and living freely. You’ve been forewarned.

I started cross-stitching.


It’s so addictive. I can’t stop. We came home in time to watch The Bachelor after dinner last night (of course we did) and I cross-stitched the whole time. I would kind of rather be cross-stitching right now than writing about it.

Any guesses as to what I’m making??


2 thoughts on “Earrings & Biscuits & Cross-stitch, oh my!

  1. Polly Uher

    Hey! Should I send you my cross stitching supplies? I used to cross stitch voraciously! I could always tell I was “back on track” after each baby when I was back to cross stitching. Well, after Emily (last baby in 1987) I never returned to that love of stitching. Maybe I never ever have gotten “back on track”!! But I have clung to the precious Psalms for dear life and know my savior can be trusted. You say it well, Amanda! Amen!
    (I’ll pass on my cross stitch supplies to you!)


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