Molly’s Song

Molly "helped" me fold laundry yesterday morning. Most of that help took the form of entertainment. She danced around the room, singing her own compositions. I wish I had it recorded — but honestly, I was so sincerely moved by the words spilling from her heart, I didn't want to disrupt the moment. So instead I grabbed a pen a little while later and wrote down as many "lyrics" as I could remember. 

I hope you find a bit of hope this morning, as I did, in the song of a four-year-old…

Molly's Song

Whatever you are is lovely.

You can be whatever you want.

Jesus loves you.

He heals your bloody boo boos.

He hears whatever you say.

You like Jesus. Jesus likes you.

Jesus is with you. You don't need to cry.

You don't need to fuss. You don't need to throw a fit.

Jesus is with you. He is in your heart.

The people who don't have Jesus are crying.

But you don't need to cry. Jesus is coming whenever you want.


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