100 Days of Gratitude: Day 32

311. The newest worship album, Only King Forever, just released today by our church! Seriously, it’s more than worth checking out and downloading here. These songs have already moved my heart over the past several months at church — and I’m so grateful they’ve been blaring in our home tonight. Can’t get enough.

312. Owen lost his first tooth tonight!! After several failed attempts last night at removing the tooth via string and a bow & arrow, tonight Matt just went in for a good old fashioned pull.


313. chocolate chip cookie dough (this is surely already on my list somewhere, but let’s be real —  it deserves multiple mentions)

314. fresh flowers in a mason jar

315. My daughter can blow her own nose! We are a house of independent nose-blowers! Glory.

316. Dr. Seuss and the experience of reading his books to my kids. They’re just fun.

317. Relaxing with Matt on the couch and watching our favorite shows on DVR.

318. FaceTime

319. the Do Not Disturb function on my iPhone

320. These two books by Kathryn Otoshi: One and ZeroI hadn’t heard of either book, but they made it into the We-Will-Take-Home-As-Many-Books-As-You-Can-Fit-Into-This-Basket basket that we pull around at the library — and I’m so glad. They are the most creative books about bullying I’ve ever seen. My kids love them.

One Zero



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