100 Days of Gratitude: Day 31

301. Slept in until 11:15 this morning. (What!?) Major shout-out to the Husband of the Year.

302. A warm, dry home on these very rainy days.

303. Even though it’s pretty grossly flooded right now, I’m still thankful we have a yard.

304. Painted Molly’s nails. And she did not insist on painting mine this time.

305. The smoke billowing from the oven while baking sugar cookies only filled our downstairs before Matt noticed it. Apparently lining your baking sheet with wax paper instead of parchment paper has very smoky consequences.

306. Went for a walk in the rain with Molly this afternoon. We held hands under the umbrella and giggled all the way down the sidewalk. Then we heard thunder and ran back to the house like someone was chasing us.

307. Last night we blasted the song “Let it Go” from Frozen and danced our hearts out – all four of us. Matt spun me around the living room, the kids oohed and ahhhed when he dipped me – and then Owen & Molly tried to copy us. It was seriously adorable. For all of our dysfunctional moments, it was pretty high up on the Leave it to Beaver scale.

308. Our toaster.

309. Our frying pan.

310. Egg sandwiches. (So these last 3 feel like a reach – but hey, I have very true & deep gratitude for a good egg sandwich. No shame.)

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