100 Days of Gratitude: Days 1-10

Last week, a friend invited me to join a group of 9 other people to  list 10 blessings or 10 things I’m grateful for each day – for 100 days. The idea is that if all 10 of us list 10 blessings for 100 days, we’ll end up with a list of 10,000 blessings. (I think I said that right. Math is hard.)

After keeping up with the challenge for the past few days, and realizing it’s been fun and encouraging to see what blessings the other folks in the group have been listing, I decided to start sharing my list publicly here on my blog. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged! And maybe do this yourself – it’s been really good for me. 🙂

I’ve got some catching up to do here — I’m already 10 days in!

Day 1
1. first day opening the windows in the fall
2. my afternoon cup of coffee
3. the play-set in our backyard
4. a quiet hour even with 2 extra kids in the house
5. staying home full-time — an answered prayer after FIVE YEARS!!
6. back door neighbors
7. fall scented candles
8. Owen
9. Molly
10. Matt

Day 2
11. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of laundry I need to fold today. But I’m THANKFUL that we have THAT MANY CLOTHES to wear.
12. and CLEAN WATER to wash them in.
13. and a WASHING MACHINE that does the work for me.
14. and ELECTRICITY to run the machine.
15. and ENOUGH MONEY to pay the power bill.
16. Our fridge is constantly packed with SO MUCH FOOD.
17. I’m daily tripping over shoes. We have SO MANY SHOES.
18. I’m grateful for the perspective-check that The Lord gives me on a regular  basis. (I start to complain; He shows me the blessing.)
19. Molly’s friend Ava, and their sweet play dates.
20. Owen’s friend Dylan, and their fun adventures.

21. Becoming Myself, by Stasi Eldredge
22. Moleskine journals
23. French vanilla creamer
24. fly swatters
25. my Dyson vacuum cleaner
26. the painting made with a friend in my living room


27. my daughter’s incessant role playing with every item in sight (be it a fork, a straw, a tube of toothpaste, or a shoe – it has a voice & a name)
28. my hot pink Brooks running shoes
29. evening runs without the risk of heat stroke
30. Pandora radio

Day 4
31. a clean house
32. health – and an easy checkup with a doctor who has shown great care for me through the years
33. my mom being breast-cancer-free for SIXTEEN YEARS
34. generous neighbors with bountiful gardens
35. Hello Kitty band-aids (and the comfort they bring my daughter)
36. being well out of the diaper stage and ALMOST to the “everyone wipes their own butt” stage
37. my son’s imagination & clever little inventions
38. Charlotte Running Company
39. the public library

Day 5
41. Krispy Kreme Blueberry Mini Crullers

42. cool evenings outside with good friends & conversation
43. butter
44. homemade donut holes rolled in sugar
45. spontaneous camping trips
46. sleepy car rides enroute to aforementioned camping trips47. getting to watch my boy play soccer & score a hat trick!
48. travel mugs
49. hoodies
50. s’mores

Day 6
51. neighborhood playground
52. Watching my kids love everything about camping!!
53. off-roading in the Tahoe with Matt
54. a showing at a friend’s house that’s for sale
55. flowy dresses on my daughter
56. mulch
57. mums
58. roasted asparagus
59. deodorant
60. hot water

Day 7
61. crock pots
62. a hard-working husband
63. the privilege of homeschooling my kindergartner this year – even when he’s having a rough morning, I’m grateful to be the one who gets to help guide him through it
64. parents who love Jesus – and each other
65. in-laws who love me like their own – and also love Jesus & each other 🙂
66. the reminder that God’s Kingdom is the only one that doesn’t falter
67. a Bible in my native language (actually about 8 in our house) (and yes, English is my native language) and the ability to read it
68. the right to vote
69. Living in a country whose government can be maddening, but is at least (comparatively) civilized and peaceful. I can be frustrated & confused, but I’m not afraid for our family’s safety.
70. The USPS still running during a gov’t shutdown (partly grateful because  we’ll still get our mail; mostly grateful because my aunt is a postmaster & she won’t have to go on furlough)

Day 8
71. precious bedtime talks with my kids
72. red wine
73. that I actually enjoy cooking at this stage in my life (after years of HATING it)
74. a voicemail from a friend (who usually only texts) just to say hi
75. Lexapro
76. jersey knit sheets
77. a husband who can make me laugh so hard I pee my pants
78. FaceTime
79. our enormous couch
80. that my children always prefer to sit & snuggle up RIGHT NEXT TO each other in the little corner of our enormous couch

Day 9
81. Modern Family
82. DVR
83. contact lenses
84. Elevation Worship
85. peanut butter
86. my Keurig
87. post-it notes
88. chap stick
89. chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (actually, cookie dough in any form.
90. a freshly emptied dishwasher

Day 10
91. garlic bread
92. keyboard for our iPad
93. wireless internet
94. how easy it is to take & send photos of my kids to all of our family so far away
95. Plaza Fiesta
96. Two hot, sweaty, exhausted kids at the end of the day. Something just feels really right about that.
97. crayons
98. great-smelling shampoo & conditioner
99. my daughter’s curls (which she gets from her daddy)
100. the opportunity to give a worn-out friend a little break 

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